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Joseph Ghaly - Founder and CEO Brilliant Women Global
Nicole Forrester - Head of Office of Purpose at Fujitsu Australia
Tanya Singh - Global Head of Reward of Computershare
Jennifer Rebeiro - CIO, Greater Western Water
Tony Nash - Founder & CEO, Booktopia
Lee Anne Harris - Executive GM Business Services, VicTrack
Dr. Catherine Lopes - Founder & Director of Opsdo Analytics
Helen Souness - CEO, RMIT Online
Claire Rogers - Return to Work Mums - A Fresh Perspective
Graeme Beardsell - CEO, Fujitsu
Greg Keith - CEO, Grant Thornton Australia
Jacob Varghese - CEO Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
James Fazzino - ex CEO Incitec Pivot Ltd.
Sam Wylie - Engineered for Success
Mike Foster - ex CEO Fujitsu Australia
Joe Barr - CEO, John Holland
Robert Iervasi - CEO Asahi Beverages
Shanyn Payne - Global HR Director Afterpay Ltd
Anna Leibel - Chief Delivery and Information Officer
Ana Marinkovic - Executive GM, Business Direct & Small Business NAB
Sarah Adam-Gedge - Managing Director Publicis Sapient

Sarah Adam-Gedge is an experienced leader in the digital and technology industry, as well as being a Non-executive Director.

Div Pillay - CEO & Co-Founder MindTribes
Rasha Abbas - EGM Strategy, Transformation & Enablement B&PB, NAB
Claudine Ogilvie - Chief Information Officer at Jetstar Airways
Michelle Redfern - Owner, Advancing Women in Business & Sport
Steven Worrall - Microsoft Australia - PODCAST
Melissa Lewis - Executive Presence Mentor
Think Strategically, Act Tactically
Elaine Bensted - Follow your passion
Nicholas Stone - Think local act global
Adam Trippe-Smith - Keep punching
Tim Fung - Just jump in
Dave Malcolm - Recipe for success
Tom Griffith - Trust Respect and a Shared Vision
Stuart Richardson - Journey has a genesis
Mark Ritson - Electrical Marketing
Jon Yeo - Edge thinking
Dr John Demartini - Do What you Love and Love What you Do - Co-host Samantha Brown - CEO JACK
Darrell Hardidge - Client Appreciation
Richard Elstone - Landing your next role
Nathanial Bibby - Fall in Love with your Customer
Jamie Pride - Take More Risk
Scott Harris - Deliberate intention
Stuart Ellis - On a personal mission
Dr Amy Silver - Activate your best self
Claire Rogers - Digitally Disrupting
Malcolm Jackman - Turnaround Merchant
Dermot Crowley - Smart work
ChloƩ Oestreich - Presence in business
Ben Chan - Responsive action
Sanjay Khushu - Put Yourself Into the Future
Martine Letts - Changing the future outlook
Brad Smith - Trust in your labour
Brooke Miller - Back Yourself
Rachael Robertson - Make the decision
Brendan Maher - R U OK?
Michael Gill - Write your own story
Gavin Freeman - Business Olympian
Michelle Melbourne - Sliding door moments
Soren Trampedach - Anti-disciplinary
Jo Mikleus - Courage to step outside your comfort zone
Anne Lytle - Create your own narrative
Amantha Imber - Innovate or die
Sam Cawthorn - Bounce Forward
Julie Mason - Leveraging Linkedin
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