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Stuart Ellis - On a personal mission

July 30, 2018
Stuart Ellis
Stuart Ellis
Chief Executive Officer of the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC).
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Mr Stuart Ellis AM, is Chief Executive Officer of the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC).

AFAC is the National Council for fire and emergency services across Australia and New Zealand, and is the facilitator and custodian of contemporary knowledge and practice, for the benefit of our members and through them, the community. There are 288,000 volunteers and career staff engaged across AFAC agencies providing fire and emergency services. Through a collaborative approach AFAC assists the emergency services sector to identify and achieve strategic and operational priorities.

Mr Ellis is an experienced leader in the emergency management industry. Following a distinguished 22 year career in the Australian Army, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer/Chief Officer of the South Australian Country Fire Service for five years. In 2002, Mr Ellis established a consultancy company and has been involved in over 20 operational reviews, including the Canberra Bushfires, the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission and the Christchurch Earthquake. In 2012, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Australasian Fire & Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC), the National Council for fire and emergency services in Australasia.

He is passionate about improving the professional standing of fire and emergency personnel and has a focus on progressing an industry wide, integrated approach to emergency management.

"Seek first to understand and then be understood.... have the humility of listening"
~ Stuart Ellis

Show Notes

My Story

Stuart Ellis AM grew up in rural South Australia, before enrolling in the Royal Military College in Duntroon immediately post school. He completed an Arts degree in History and Politics there, and went on to serve for 22 years. These 22 years would shape his career, spending time in the infantry and the Special Air Service.

Stuart has had the opportunity to travel around the country and overseas, exploring his talents and refining his discipline. He trained as a specialist in free falling, where despite a noted fear for heights he conducted jumps at night with a heavy pack and an oxygen tank given the jump height.

The past 22 years have been spent in emergency services, establishing an operational consultancy around reviewing the processes and procedures during natural disasters. Stuart is the currently Chief Executive Officer of The Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC), which is the National Council for fire and emergency services.

In his role, Stuart has oversight over the coordination of policy and doctrine in emergency services, as well as coordinated interstate and overseas resource sharing . He’s learnt to deal with the intricacies surrounding any disaster, including stakeholder management, understanding key learnings and enforcing accountability and responsibility.

Advice To Self and Others

Stuart lives by the ‘80% deliberate is better than 95% delayed’ mantra, where he feels a lot of us can fall into trap of trying to do things too well. It’s imperative to review how we went on things, focus on being brilliant at the basics and convey both composure and confidence in our dealings.

Successful Habits

Early Riser

Stuart believes in starting the day early, giving himself a head start both mentally and physically. He also feels it is a sound way to manage tasks and form a sound reputation amongst a team.

Personal Mission Statement

Stuart stands by the creation of a personal mission statement, which he feels outlines our obligation to ourselves and to others. It helps us to fit all the pieces together, work out what our values are and forces us to commit to what’s written down.

He’s found it to help give him direction in times of crisis and balance his range of priorities in life.

Red Socks

Tune in to the episode to hear the story behind the red socks you’ll see Stuart wearing. It’s all about finding out what we can do to inspire others and develop character.

Inspiration quotes

"Seek first to understand and then be understood.... have the humility of listening"

Recommended Reading

Fortunate Life by Albert Facey

Contacting Stuart Ellis

In regard to fire and emergency services , every state and territory has their own fire and emergency service policies and procedures. You can find Stuart on his LinkedIn at au.linkedin.com/in/stuart-ellis-aa184b12




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