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Div Pillay - CEO & Co-Founder MindTribes

April 15, 2020
Div Pillay
CEO & Co-Founder MindTribes
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Div Pillay is the CEO & Co-Founder of MindTribes and social enterprise, Culturally Diverse Workforces (CDW). Both businesses focus on cultural inclusion delivering a business impact. MindTribes and CDW work with ANZ and global executive leaders, offshore staff, multicultural employees and customers to ensure that big brands extract the economic and business benefit of cultural diversity. They are concerned with the current & future customer, the future of work and how this is optimised.

Under Div’s leadership MindTribes has won several industry awards, the latest being recognised by Westpac as one of the 200 Businesses of Tomorrow, 2018. In addition, Div was named by the Australian Financial Review and Qantas as one of the 100 Women of Influence in the Diversity and Inclusion category, 2018.

High socially minded, she is on the Board of STREAT focussing on youth homelessness and a Plan International Ambassador giving 10% of MindTribes revenue to empowering girls globally.  Div is also National Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

MindTribes offers 3 core pillars of service to both private and public sectors:

    1. Diverse Customer Inclusion: Unlocking multicultural markets for big brands using behavioural economics and psychology to attract, retain and engage diverse customers uniquely.
    2. Diverse Employee Inclusion: Identifying under-representation of diverse employees across talent pipelines, especially at senior leadership levels and addressing equity and inclusion from a change management perspective.
    3. Cultural competence for Leaders: Tailored for ANZ shared services and contact centre leaders, who need to include a culturally diverse and remote workforce to drive efficiency, utilisation and service delivery to realise the ROI of offshoring.




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