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Webinar: How to unlock the full potential of your workforce

December 2, 2020

Dietary behaviours, physical activity, workplace environment and culture have direct impact on employee presenteeism, engagement and workforce productivity. The recent Covid-19 crisis has only compounded these issues further, through increased distribution of workforce, remote working and isolation – all exacerbating the negative impacts on individual’s nutritional, physical and psychological health.

Unlocking optimal organisational performance and positioning competitively in a marketplace requires investment in workforce health and wellbeing

In this webinar Mentor List partners with the team at Fit2Lead's Catherine Itsiopoulos, Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, Jackie Taylor, Fitness Specialist and Vicky Vass, Psychological Wellbeing Specialist. 

Catherine, Jackie and Vicky will explore their solution comprising of  evidence-based, practical and embedded actions that dramatically improve leaders, teams and organisations, to drive sustainable improvements to individual and organisational productivity and well-being.

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15th December 2020
12:00 - 12:45 pm AEST
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Catherine Itsiopolous

Catherine is a visionary, authentic and experienced leader, mentor and coach with a passion for developing people, our greatest asset within any organisation. As co-founder of FIT2LEAD Catherine brings over 30 years’ experience in clinical and leadership roles across multiple sectors including health, food and pharmaceutical industries, corporate business and academia. 

Catherine is an accredited practicing dietitian with international standing in her research field of Mediterranean diet and chronic disease management including diabetes, heart disease and dementia and has authored 3 books on the Mediterranean diet. Catherine has held many leadership roles in major metropolitan hospitals focused on patient care and patient satisfaction and has held many academic leadership roles in universities across Australia building high performing academic teams and mentoring scores of senior clinicians completing their doctoral studies.

She brings to the FIT2LEAD team executive education, coaching and mentoring experience focused on developing skills and capabilities to build resilient and high performing executives and their teams to successfully lead in complex environments.

Jackie Taylor

Jackie is an accomplished results driven Executive with over 20 years international leadership experience. Results orientated, Jackie is a decisive leader with a proven track record of developing and delivering international training programs for the public and private sector the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

She has an outstanding ability to network and form lasting and effective relationships and build outstanding teams with a collaborative focus and competitive edge.  Jackie is also a mother of four, grandmother of three, a CrossFit Coach and holds the 2019 Australian Weightlifting record in her age and weight class. She is also an Executive coach, working with global companies to train their current and future leadership.

She has a passion for health and fitness and embeds her knowledge and experience of what it takes to perform at the highest level into both her personal and professional life. Jackie also volunteers her time to help others learn more about functional mobility, strength training and the importance of creating enabling environments to be fit to lead.

Vicky Vass

Vicky is a Psychologist who recognises the importance of paying attention to the ‘whole’ person and the need to be aware of the potentially harmful effects of stress in the workplace. Vicky works with Catherine and Jackie to design, implement and deliver programmes that fit the needs of individuals and organisations.  No two programmes are the same – simply because as individuals, teams and organisations we are all different and any  intervention should reflect all the complexity and diversity that is evident.

As an Executive Coach and Corporate Education Specialist, Vicky has worked extensively with senior leaders and their teams globally and across several sectors, to develop their awareness of the importance of understanding psychological wellbeing and how to develop personal and team resilience.  She has extensive C Suite experience in 1:1 coaching as well as guiding the wider teams on their leadership and management development journeys.

An emphasis is placed on positive leadership, positive psychology, stress reduction and building resilience while taking account of leader, team and organisational dynamics. She uses a multifaceted approach to building an understanding of the individual and collective nature of stress and building resilience in self and others.

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