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Leading Through Corporate Transformation with Former AGL CEO, Graeme Hunt

Unlock the secrets of leading a major corporation through transformative change with Graeme Hunt, Former CEO of AGL, as he takes us behind the scenes of one of the industry's most significant demergers.

Hear how Graeme transitioned from Chairman to CEO during this crucial time, and the strategic acumen required to steer a company when it's at its most vulnerable. Our discussion dives into the challenges of corporate restructuring, offering a unique perspective on boardroom dynamics and the vital role of leadership during periods of seismic shifts.

This episode explores the evolution of energy-dependent industries and the future of workforce development, as we contrast the robust training and employment landscape of the past with today's shifting industrial terrain. Graeme sheds light on the impact of rising energy costs and the global migration of manufacturing, framing the conversation within the broader narrative of the imminent energy transition.

Wrapping up, we tackle what it truly means to lead with both confidence and humility. Through stirring anecdotes and a dash of literary wisdom, we reveal the characteristics that distinguish remarkable leaders from the rest.

Join us for an episode rich with guidance and wisdom, tailored for anyone looking to navigate leadership with integrity and foresight.



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