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Joseph Ghaly - Founder and CEO Brilliant Women Global

December 14, 2021
Joseph Ghaly
Joseph Ghaly
Founder and CEO of Brilliant Women Global

Joseph Ghaly is serving as the CEO of Lexplore Australia and New Zealand. Lexplore is an educational technology organisation, enabling literacy development for all learners. Joseph Ghaly was the incumbent Director of Mobile Internet with Ericsson Telecommunications during the dotcom era. He was based on 5 continents. He was the Global Director of Value Based Selling for Ericsson, the largest organisation in Scandinavia going through a transformation from a 120-year engineering company to an organisation competing on value. Joe is former State Relationship Manager of CSIRO - Australia's Commonwealth Scientific Industrial and Research Organisation, heading up relationships with industry and a member of the national commercialisation team. Joe graduated with a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Economics and Commerce from the University of Melbourne and RMIT University.

Joe’s expertise as an Executive is in these key areas.

  • Situational Leadership, considering the culture and context of situations.
  • Emotional Intelligence, behaviors required to act most effectively in any given situation.
  • Cross cultural communication.
  • Developing connections and building teams for collaboration and mutual benefit.

Joe’s mantra is ‘It’s all about Communication, the rest is about Technology’. He is passionate about diversity and inclusion in corporate Australia, and as an economist drives every opportunity to drive home the message that promotion based on merit is to the advantage of our economy and society. Joe is Founder of Brilliant Women Global, the professional networking group and forum leading the diversity and inclusion agenda in Australia.

Show Notes

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Joseph's Story

An organisation that practices diversity and inclusion has not just checked a box but set itself up to flourish. This is because a team defined by different voices and an atmosphere of safety does not just have happy members but has a far better chance of being truly innovative. Joseph Ghaly shares what he has learned about D&I during his professional experience that has spanned five continents. During his career, Joe has worked as State Relationship Manager of CSIRO, and Incumbent Director of Mobile Internet with Ericsson Telecommunications during the .com era. He also started the professional network, Brilliant Women Global. Joe covers the state of D&I as he has witnessed it in his experience in the tech sector across the globe. We talk about the need to break the traditional gender roles and what people can do in the workplace to take steps toward this aim. Joe talks about what led him to start his organisation, how D&I is approached at Brilliant Women Global, and all the amazing women who have joined the group. Our conversation also covers the impact of COVID on D&I in Australia and what the future holds!

Key Points From This Episode

  • Joe’s professional experience in five continents and understanding of diversity and inclusion.
  • How Joe applied the D&I lessons he learned and started Brilliant Women Global.
  • The way Joe measures success within the professional network of Brilliant Women Global.
  • How poor the state of D&I still is in some places and the need to improve things.
  • The importance of diversity of thought for coming up with innovative ideas.
  • Joe’s experiences with Ericsson and the lack of women in the technology space.
  • Diversity and inclusion in Australia and the effects that COVID has had.
  • The different industry sectors that the members in Brilliant Women Global come from.
  • How D&I will look in Australia going forward once things start opening up.
  • Including younger members in Brilliant Women Global and the mentorship that goes on.
  • Why communication is the number one thing to focus on regarding D&I.
  • Words of wisdom from Joe for women in tech who feel sidelined.


“Diversity and inclusion are values that benefit society and economics.” — Joseph Ghaly [0:04:56]

“Diversity of thought means that there is crazy ideas on the table and one of them might lead to something interesting.” — Joseph Ghaly [0:14:32]

“The key to making this all happen for women in technology and men to be inclusive and embracing, it’s setting an example and communicating that quite clearly.” — Joseph Ghaly [0:26:17]

Links Mentioned in Today's Episode

"Diversity and inclusion are values that benefit society and economics."
~ Joseph Ghaly




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