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Fortnightly with Alex and Dave
Tune into the fortnightly conversation featuring Mentor List’s most influential business minds and insights.

On the mic, we reveal pockets of lived experience that provide tactical takeaways to apply to your day-to-day; work, life and everything in between! Expect to hear from industry leaders that have paved a path of proven success and unlock the tools of a winning mindset.
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Get ready to ignite your passion and fuel your growth as we delve into the realms of innovation, founding stories, organisational design, and the burning ambitions that drive us all to achieve greatness.

We aim to inspire the ambitious professionals, the lifelong learners, the leaders of tomorrow like you, to unleash their full potential and achieve greatness.
Fortnightly with Alex and Dave

Hosted by Alex and Dave

Dave Lewis
Dave lives his life in the fast lane throwing in some dad jokes along the way.

As a natural creative and social butterfly, surprisingly his favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla but never fails to dress up some toppings.

When he’s not podcasting, you can catch Dave on connecting with awesome people or trying the latest life hack.
Alex Smith
Alex is the British voice of the show with quick wit and an appreciation of good food and city events. When he’s not podcasting, you can catch him in most sporting pursuits or else planning his next international holiday spot.

After living and working in 3 continents, he now calls Melbourne home.

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