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A collaboration of business services and professional growth, we are dedicated to connecting the very best minds and insights in Australia in order to achieve greatness together.

We believe that people learn best from people and that if you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and model them.

We imagine a time when everyone is connected to the people, resources and insights they need in order to realise their full potential.

Everything we do is designed to connect individuals to the proven strategies and insights of those who have successfully navigated the path before them.

We deliver on this shared belief through our Mastermind, Mentor Program, Masterclass and Podcast series and look forward to welcoming you.

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The Mentor List leads Australia’s leading CEO Mastermind groups, designed to give members the answers to create the biggest impact for themselves, and their organisation, during their time as CEO.

This unique position provides insight into the life of a CEO.

We know like you, that a CEO job is a challenge and requires discernment to choose the right advisors. Our team is experienced in running organisations and has access to deep lived experience in choosing the future of organisations. In addition to the core team’s contribution, we can and will draw on our broad and qualified panel to bring to bear on your business challenges.

Our CEO Strategic Advisory is led by our Managing Partner, Claire Rogers, and works with you to redefine what’s possible and give shape to the future.

We lead a problem solving methodology in partnership with you that is based on a project management process with clear delivered artefacts at each stage gate and decision points before moving to the next stage gate.

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We accelerate transformation and help businesses by bringing together the capabilities and partners needed to help organisations navigate and succeed in the digital age.

We help our clients digitise and automate operations, leverage emerging technology to unlock business value and accelerate digital growth.

This is all underpinned through a data-driven approach to drive efficiencies in your business.

We make this a reality through our unique IP and partner ecosystem.

We help our clients identify the opportunities to improve business performance and provide the capabilities to deliver on them, enabling our clients to unlock business value now and into the future.

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Bridging the gap in diversity by connecting female professionals to opportunities within progressive organisations.

We are supporting mum's returning to work.

We compliment and become an extended function of your existing Talent Acquisition team, assisting with gender imbalance, and enhancing your organisation diversity profile.

We provide a platform for all Executive Assistants, connecting them to the best, forward-thinking C-level, Executive Managers and Leaders.

Our goal is to bridge the gap in diversity, eliminate stereotyping and open a new evolving mindset around how organisations are hiring today.

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