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The New ‘Digital’ Workforce

May 22, 2021

In the future, all teams will have digital workers augmenting and working alongside humans.

The new digital workforce will be powered by digital workers, meaning software-based labour using automation and AI, that perform specific job roles through executing end-to-end processes.

According to Forrester, digital workers are “a combination of intelligent automation building blocks, such as conversational intelligence and robotic process automation, that work alongside employees… leaving humans with control, authority, and an enhanced experience.”

Digital workers are changing the way teams think, plan and deliver work. Digital workers use artificial intelligence capabilities which include machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision, to perform end-to-end processes and BAU tasks.

Digital workers benefit an organisation through:

  • Reducing the reliance on external staff augmentation which substantially reduces costs.
  • Delivering greater business and IT resiliency through codifying subject matter expertise.
  • Increased productivity through, freeing up internal employee capacity for higher-value work.
  • Greater resourcing flexibility which supports greater business agility and adaptability.

Mentor List Digital has the expertise through our unique Australian based technology partner ecosystem to deliver step changes in business performance by enabling new operating models powered by Digital Workers.

Our SaaS based solutions provide organisations with a powerful combination of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, to help your people work smarter, not harder.

Our unique IP allows us to work with your organisation to quickly identify and prioritise your key digital worker opportunities, accelerating your intelligent automation journey. This is done in a low-risk, incremental approach, enabling organisations to test the waters and unlock value over time.

Please reach out at Digital@Mentorlist.com.au to organise a discussion to explore how we can help.

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