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Dr. Catherine Lopes - Founder & Director of Opsdo Analytics

Dr. Catherine Lopes
Board Member of AI, Data & Analytics + Intelligent Automation Networks
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Dr. Catherine Lopes is a strategic team leader, an outcome and value focused data scientist, a data and business driven consultant, and a passionate educator in data and analytics.

Her recent focus is on helping organizations to uplift business performance by developing data and analytics strategy, applying broad range analytics including machine learning and AI through a governed enterprise data management framework and process.

Dr. Lopes worked in the data and analytics domain for more than 20 years internationally across a wide range of sectors. She has a unique suite of skills including deep technical background, focused business delivery mindset, strong story telling communication, and excellent leadership skills. Her specialties are in Machine Learning, Analytics Transformation, Data Strategy and Management, and end-to-end delivery.

Catherine is an entrepreneur in AI and data analytics space and an advisor for start-ups. She is also an active mentor and advocate for supporting women in data analytics and data science, and bridging gaps between academia and industry.

"Actively seeking out mentor opportunities... there are a lot of opportunities, and a lot of pitfalls or lessons I could avoid. However, life is a journey. There is no straight line."
~ Dr. Catherine Lopes

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