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Unleash your entrepreneurial genius, mastermind-style.

Meet your Group Chair

Tony Nash

Founder, Booktopia
Mastermind Founders is an exclusive membership to a leading community of top-tier Founders and Entrepreneurs. You'll unlock invaluable lessons to accelerate the growth of your business whilst developing key skills to unleash your potential.

Mastermind Founders provides you with exclusive access to networking events and sessions that allow you to be inspired through Lived Experience.
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Step into a trusted environment where accomplished entrepreneurs gather to learn from lived experiences and foster exponential growth. 

We'll cover topics of discussion including:
- From idea to reality; the traits of a successful founder
- Building a high performance team and culture
- The Founders dilemma; are you ready to let go?
- What are your funding options?
- Growth vs Profitability mindset

Together, we'll conquer challenges, seize opportunities, and shape a future of unrivalled success.
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founder sessions
Live Online
Embrace growth and collaborate amongst a vibrant group of like minded peers.
Become part of a trusted peer group of extraordinary entrepreneurs who operate at the pinnacle of their respective fields. In this exclusive mastermind group, you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded founders who share your drive for success.
Face-to-face half-day Masterminds
Diverse range of industries across tech,
health & wellness, beauty, entertainment,
education, hospitality and more.
Highest calibre members leading established organisations
Expand your network through exclusive social events
Experience the limitless possibilities of growth with Live Online, an exclusive offering for our thriving Founder community.
Access captivating online sessions where a subject matter expert industry expert leads an engaging conversation around trending varietal topics. Join us as we dive deep into the realm of expertise, enlightening and inspiring content.
Elevate your knowledge: 
Gain exclusive access to industry experts, thought leaders, and their invaluable insights.
Stay ahead of the curve:
Dive into trending varietal topics, staying at the forefront of your field.
Connect with fellow trailblazers:
who share your drive for growth.
Expand your possibilities:
Unlock new growth opportunities and get in the know by asking your relevant questions.
Collaborate, Connect, Celebrate at Founder events
Ignite the spirit of collaboration, connection, and celebration at our biannual Founder events. With guest speakers and city-themed experiences, rise above the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary, and let the power of collaboration and shared success propel you towards greatness.
Expand your network and tap into collective wisdom of a diverse community
Forge connections that will support and inspire you on your journey towards success.
Embrace moments of joy and achievements of milestones, successes, and breakthroughs
Personal Growth: 
Gaining new perspectives, knowledge, and skills that will empower you to reach your full potential.
Trackside at the 2023 Australian Grand Prix
Creative designs at the Art Gallery of NSW
Think of it as a streaming service of brilliant minds - on the go mentoring
Our powerful learning and development program designed for ambitious professionals like you. With MAX, you have access to exclusive masterclasses led by Australia's top business leaders, offering invaluable insights, strategies, and inspiration to drive your success.
Surround your talent with exceptional mentors anywhere, anytime
Invest in the future of your most important resources
Access mentor "superpowers" that have transformed business
Improve your Employee Value Proposition and support retention
Mike Smith | Former CEO ANZ
"Pioneering a Life"
Elizabeth Proust | Chair, Nestle
"Taking a Stand"
Claire Rogers | Former CEO World Vision
"Leading for Transformation"

How do I join FOUNDERS?

Mastermind Founders is a membership to a community of top-tier Founders and Entrepreneurs. You'll unlock invaluable lessons to accelerate the growth of your business whilst developing key skills to unleash your potential.

You’ll unlock invaluable networking opportunities, building lifelong  connections and friendships as you elevate your personal and business development.
Mastermind includes:
Annual Membership
6 x Mastermind Sessions
5 x Online Masterminds
3 x Inspirational network dinners
Events with our Corporate Members
Access On-Demand Content
Top-tier Peer Groups
Think Founders is a good fit for you?
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We are advisors and strategists that are focussed on people, and their ongoing development and growth. We are all about building trust and focussing on long term success. We work with you, we embed our people with yours and share our skills every step of the way.
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