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Leading with Intention: John Pollaers on Building a Purpose-Driven Career and a Joyful Life

Dive into the mind of John Pollaers, a visionary whose career achievements rival the plot of an inspiring biopic. From ascending to CEO by 35 to pioneering change in assistive technology, John takes us through the chapters of his life that exemplify leadership with a steadfast purpose. His story is not just a roadmap to […]

Leading Through Corporate Transformation with Former AGL CEO, Graeme Hunt

Unlock the secrets of leading a major corporation through transformative change with Graeme Hunt, Former CEO of AGL, as he takes us behind the scenes of one of the industry's most significant demergers. Hear how Graeme transitioned from Chairman to CEO during this crucial time, and the strategic acumen required to steer a company when […]

Mastering Innovation: Scott Thomson's Approach to Transformative Problem-Solving and Sustainable Growth

Imagine falling head-over-heels for a problem, not just the solution. That's the philosophy Scott Thomson from Google Cloud brings to the table. In this episode of the Mentor List Podcast we unpack the art of innovation in solving business dilemmas.  Scott takes us behind the scenes at Google Cloud, where challenges are embraced with open […]

Navigating Crisis: Stephen Leane's Insights from Leading ESTA

In this episode of The Mentor List Podcast, we share a captivating conversation with Stephen Leane, the Former CEO of 000 Victoria. With a wealth of experience in critical response and emergency management, Stephen shares his journey at the helm of one of the most pivotal organizations in emergency services, providing insights into leadership, innovation, […]

Navigating Success and Resilience: A Journey from Bankruptcy to Booktopia

In this engaging episode of The Mentor List Podcast, we're joined by Tony Nash, the CEO of Booktopia, Australia's largest online bookstore. Tony opens up about his incredible journey from experiencing bankruptcy to founding and scaling Booktopia into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. This conversation delves into the power of resilience, the art of identifying opportunities, and […]

Mastering the Mind: Psychological Resilience and Peak Performance

In this episode of The Mentor List Podcast, we delve into the world of psychological resilience and peak performance with Graham Winter, an expert in mental strength and high performance. Graham shares his insights on the importance of mental conditioning, strategies for building resilience, and how these elements are crucial for achieving peak performance in […]

The Evolution of ESG: Transforming Business for a Sustainable Future

In this episode of The Mentor List Podcast, we sit down with Katherine Teh, Principal of TEH&CO. Katherine is a pioneer in the ESG sector, to explore how businesses can thrive by integrating sustainable practices. Katherine shares her journey, highlighting the transformative power of Environmental Social Governance and its impact on corporate strategies and investment […]

Shaping the Future: Leveraging AI and Design for Business Transformation

In this episode of The Mentor List, we delve into the mind of Gerald Marion, a visionary in the fields of AI, design, and business transformation as the Global Strategy Partner of Eight Inc. Gerald offers a wealth of knowledge on how to harness AI and design thinking to create impactful business strategies and customer […]

Evolving Leadership: Transformation Of Modern Leadership

Join us in this enlightening episode of The Mentor List, where we engage with Claire Rogers, CEO of Oho. Claire shares her profound journey in leadership, reflecting on the transformative shifts from traditional methods to more inclusive and empowering styles. This episode is a deep dive into the nuances of modern leadership, cultural adaptation, and […]

Redefining Customer Experience: Mastering a Customer-Centric Strategy

In this episode of The Mentor List, we sit down with Louise Eyres, a trailblazer in customer strategy and brand development. This episode offers a comprehensive look into the world of customer strategy, with Louise Eyres providing valuable insights and practical advice for business leaders and marketers alike. Her experience and knowledge make this a […]

Steering Business Evolution and Organisational Growth

Dive into this episode with Dionne Higgins, a visionary in the realm of business transformation and organizational process development. Dionne delves into her experiences of driving change, fostering innovation, and leading teams through periods of significant growth and evolution. She shares her strategies for overcoming complex business challenges, the importance of adaptability in leadership, and […]

Driven by Purpose: Navigating Business, Family, and Personal Growth

In this episode, we have an insightful conversation with Frank, a multi-faceted entrepreneur who shares his journey, his passion for cooking, and his unique approach to business. From rapid-fire questions that reveal his personal preferences to in-depth discussions about success, ambition, and mentorship, Frank offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Whether you're an aspiring […]

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