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Former Global Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte
John is a highly influential leader experienced in growing and innovating businesses on the global stage.
Think Benetton, think sheep.
~ Funky Business
Why do you want to be a Group Chair?
Great to connect across a range of executives and discuss their key areas of focus. It's a wonderful opportunity to network.
Countries worked in
Australia, USA, UK, Singapore, China, Canada, India, Brazil, Japan, Norway, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Denmark
Industries worked in
Professional Services, Financial Services, Telecoms, Property, Education
Key Roles & Titles
Global Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte
Management Skills & Competencies
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Management & Strategy
  • Leadership
Companies worked with
  • Price Waterhouse,
  • Oakvale
  • Pennant Holding
  • Deloitte
  • Centerstone Capital
  • Garvan Medical Research Institute
  • Sydney University 
Current City
Sydney, Australia
Golf, Walking, Art
Book Recommendation
Chasing Stars by Boris Groysberg

Get To Know, John

John is a highly influential leader experienced in growing and innovating businesses on the global stage. He has deep cross-industry expertise in strategy, risk, finance, technology impact, innovation, geopolitics and governance and excels at developing people and building strong relationships.

During John’s time as Deloitte’s Global CSO, Deputy Chair of the Global Board and Asia Pacific CSO, Deloitte has become the largest professional services firm in the world. It has continuously outgrown all global competitors with revenues of US$50b and 330,000 people.

His strategic mindset combined with expertise in understanding the impacts of technology on businesses and business models has helped him lead the transformation of Deloitte into an organisation that operates at the leading edge of technological change. John is accomplished at working across cultures and with world leaders and is sought after as a facilitator and speaker at global meetings and conferences such as the World Economic Forum at Davos and Dalian, and the World AI Conference in Shanghai.

John is an experienced Director having spent four years as the Deputy Chair of Deloitte’s Global Board. He has been a mentor and trusted advisor to CEOs and board directors and has coached many executives into CEO roles. He is passionate about helping people realise their potential and encourages people to think differently about what matters most, while creating a supportive environment where leaders can refine their thinking, enabling them to perform better in the public domain.

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