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Executive Director
Growth focused and customer orientated executive with a track record of innovating and successfully leading people through structural, technology, social and regulatory change.
"All problems are an opportunity to innovate."
~ Lia De Mingo
Why do you want to be a Group Chair?
I have been lucky to have worked with some incredible leaders who not only taught me the "why”, “what” and “how” of being a top performer, but also shared their experiences and anecdotes. I translated this into my own strategies & solutions for the challenges I was dealing with. As part of my give-back, I would be honoured to play this role for Mastermind Members, so they can be peak performers, both personally and professionally.
Countries worked in
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, US, UK, EU
Industries worked in
Financial Services, Technology, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Real Estate
Key Roles & Titles
Head of Global Subsidiaries Australia, ANZ | Former EGM, Insurance, Latitude Financial
Management Skills & Competencies
  • Adaptability & Resilience
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Management & Strategy
  • Disruption
  • Growth
  • Scale-up
  • Risk management
  • Customer-led design
Companies worked with
  • ANZ
  • Latitude Financial
  • Cyble
  • Acumentis
  • Yondr Money
  • Avenue Bank
Current City
Melbourne, Australia
Gym, interior design, gardening, travel, shopping, family
Book Recommendation
Podcast: Wiser then Me

Get To Know, Jo

Jo is a growth focused and customer orientated C-Suite executive with over 35 years' experience in banking, business and technology, including as CEO. Across a diverse career in public, private and PE-backed companies she has developed a track record of innovating and successfully leading people through structural, technology, social and regulatory change.

She is the Senior Vice President (Operations) at Cyble Inc, an AI cyber threat intelligence company. She is responsible for leading the global operations teams connecting software, cloud and platform, engineering, IT, cybersecurity, research, service delivery, sales, facilities, workplace resources and related operational units. She is a key influencer in the APEA market for Cyble while also being responsible for scaling two wholly owned businesses - The Cyber Express, and Am I Breached.

Her current Board directorships include:

  • NED and Chair of the Audit Committee at Avenue Bank, a digital bank that provides better banking
    solutions for Australian businesses, starting with disrupting the bank guarantee market.
  • NED and Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee at Acumentis (ASX:ACU), a listed property valuation and
    advisory firm.

Jo passionately advocates for customer-design-thinking, disruptive innovation, leadership, culture and

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