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Coach, Advisor + Investor, Co-Founder, Smiling Mind
Janey Martino has built multiple organisations to successful exit across the marketing, media and digital sectors. She is Chair and Co-Founder of Smiling Mind and a published author.
Themes & programs
  • Emerging Leaders Mentorship
  • C-Suite Evolution
  • Founders Scale-Up & Expansion
  • Transition & Transformation
  • Personal Development Workshop
Key Highlights of your advisory
  • Effective stakeholder management, communication skills and navigating tough conversations
  • Business and personal growth and the inextricable link between the two
  • How to lead today's workforce from a place of vulnerability and courage and connect with and manage millennials
  • Managing career transition at various stages of life including return to work from parental leave and/or change in career direction
  • Self development and alignment with purpose and values and how this can positively impact the bottom line and personal fulfilment
  • Navigating challenging business relationships or partnerships
  • Creation of higher levels of self awareness and emotional regulation
  • Prioritisation and organisation of time & balancing all aspects of life & work
Countries worked in
Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Asia Pacific
Industries worked in
Technology, Health & Wellness, Retail, Marketing, Property, Sport
Key Roles & Titles
Chair & Co-founder, Smiling Mind
Management Skills & Competencies
  • Leadership
  • Management & Strategy
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Adaptability & Resilience
  • Creativity & Innovation
Companies worked with
  • Founder: Undertow Media (exited to BAstion Group)
  • Founder: Shout (exited to ANZ Bank)
  • Chair + Co-Founder: Smiling Mind
  • Consultant/ Advisor: Commonwealth Bank, Gurner Group, Kic, KPMG, Light Warrior Group, Linktree
Current City
Melbourne, Australia
Running, Reading, Meditating, Singing, Wellness (all things!), Gardening
Book Recommendation
The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

Get To Know, Janey

Janey Martino has built multiple organisations to successful exit across the marketing, media and digital sectors. Her experience includes founding and exiting Undertow Media to the Bastion Group in 2009, and digital platform Shout which was acquired by ANZ Bank in 2015 where she subsequently held the role of Head of Social Segment. She was also Director at Melbourne Football Club from 2015-2020.

As a passionate supporter and participant in the Australian start up scene, Janey is also an investor and advisor to high profile start-ups such as content and influencer marketplace, TRIBE, activation platform brandcrush and Sorted. She was an early stage investor and advisor at Unlockd, eventually leading the Australian start up operationally as CEO.

Most recently Janey held the position of Executive Director,Ventures at LightWarrior, family office of Radek Sali, managing the Group’s early stage investment portfolio.

Janey is a published author with her series of six ThankYou books printed in 2004 by ACP Books. In 2016, she released a book co-authored with James Tutton entitled Mindfulness Made Easy, now in its second print run with Hardie Grant.

Through her involvement in Smiling Mind, Janey has been able to combine her love of young people and meditation to create a modern approach to mindfulness, assisting people to be at their best. It is by far the most joyful part of her career to date.

Why do you want to be a Mentor?
This work is very complementary to my coaching business Kintsugi Way and is my major focus at present. My process and work is achieving exceptional results with clients and helping them move through major hurdles and experience exponential growth both personally and professionally.

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