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Adrian is an experienced technology entrepreneur and investor who has started and built several extremely successful companies including booking.com Europe’s largest online hotel booking website, sold in 2004 after four years, delivering a 16 fold return to investors.

Adrian was then founder of AlertMe.com in 2006, a home energy monitoring system and leading technology innovator in cloud based Smart Home Services. He sold to Centrica PLC in 2009 for £44m before moving to Australia.

Adrian has angel investments in 12 technology companies and is currently a shareholder and board member of ASX listed Eastern Iron Limited and is encouraging them to use clean energy for both the future mine site and transport needs. In 2010 Adrian co-founded Australian Solar Group to help drive the expansion of large- scale solar projects in Australia.

Throughout the above successes, Adrian has always been able to move into a space or existing market and provide a different perspective or technology to it.  Disrupting established sales channels and leveraging emerging technology.  Adrian will be able to discuss innovation, digital disruptors and leveraging direct to consumer opportunities.

Adrian is co-located between Byron Bay and Melbourne and has recently purchased a Winery in regional Victoria.

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