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Mastermind Terms & Conditions

Statement of Intention

 I hereby apply to join The Mentor List on behalf of myself and the organisation listed in my application. I agree that the Terms and Conditions, which I acknowledge having read below, bind the organisation and myself jointly and severally, and a reference in the Conditions to “clients” is deemed to include the organisation. I agree to an initial annual commitment to attend scheduled meetings and pay fees invoiced by The Mentor List Pty Ltd. Should I decide to resign at some future date after this initial commitment, I agree to abide by the requirement to provide, in writing, three (3) months notice of intention to resign, and acknowledge fees are payable during the period.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Commitment: The success of The Mentor List programs for all clients requires commitment to regular attendance on the part of each individual client. Clients receive a copy of the meeting dates for the forthcoming year. If a client finds that they are frequently unable to attend meetings due to conflict with another ongoing commitment, they should notify concierge@mentorlist.com so that alternative arrangements can be discussed.

It is preferable that clients arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement time of the meeting as indicated on the agenda, to enable informal contact with fellow clients prior to the punctual start of the formal agenda. If a client is unavoidably delayed, the CEO or The Mentor List office should be notified.

  1. Apologies: Where a client is unable to attend a meeting they should notify the Chair or the office of The Mentor List as soon as possible to enable an apology to be tendered to the consortium on their behalf.
  2. Confidentiality and Privacy: All clients must undertake to keep discussions and information exchanged at group meetings strictly confidential. They are required to sign a Privacy Policy at their first meeting.
  3. Program Delivery: The Mentor List reserves the right to vary the program delivery from time to time. This may include site visits or special experiential events in lieu of the standard meeting format.
  4. Chair and Expert Resources: Chairs and Expert Resources are external to, and independent of, The Mentor List. The Mentor List is not responsible for any advice or recommendations which arise either during or subsequent to expert presentations or consortium meetings.
  5. Networking: The Mentor List hosts discretionary events that provide opportunities for contact with the wider clientele of The Mentor List.

Whilst networking opportunities are available, clients are not encouraged to make direct contact with the wider clientele of The Mentor List by mass direct marketing (mail or electronic) or the like for the purpose of selling products or services. Should a client wish to contact the wider clientele they must contact the relevant office of The Mentor List in the first instance.

  1. Non-Solicitation Clause: Whilst we actively support and orchestrate opportunities at The Mentor List, we request that our clients do not solicit work from our chairs or clients. In the event you are approached by a client or Chair to engage your services you must advise The Mentor List of your acceptance and that there is no conflict of interest which may inhibit the open and sharing environment cultivated in The Mentor List Mastermind Group.
  2. Payment of Fees: Fees are to be paid annually in advance. No refund applies in respect of non-attendance at scheduled Mastermind meetings.

The client acknowledges they either have the authority to contract on behalf of their organisation in respect of their fees or have obtained the relevant authority to do so.

Credit card payments are accepted and subject to a 2% surcharge. Monthly Instalment options are also available via credit card if preferred.

  1. Notice of Resignation: Clients are required to make an initial annual commitment to attend scheduled meetings and pay fees therein. Thereafter, three (3) months notice of intention to resign from The Mentor List is required, in writing. Standard fees are payable during the notice period.

The purpose of such notice of intention to resign is to provide (in part) The Mentor List with sufficient time to select a suitable replacement to ensure continuity of clients within the particular Mastermind Group.

  1. Termination Clause: The Mentor List operates under an agreed Code of Conduct and anticipates our clients will work within this framework and act with reasonable standards of behaviour as expected of their position. The Mentor List reserves the right to exit clients in the event that the aforementioned conditions are not met.
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