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Automate Your Operations

Digitising Operations

The concept of hyper-automation, which involves combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) to deliver work, continues to gain momentum in many organisations. This trend has been accelerated by recent world events driving the expectation from everyone towards a digital first or enhanced experience.

We help organisations apply AI powered automation across the end-to-end operating model to capitalise on the irreversible trend of hyper-automation that is now driving this evolution.

To remain competitive, organisations must adapt their operating models to augment the human workforce with digital counterparts to improve the customer experience, employee engagement, and workforce capacity.

What We Do

Our unique IP, methodology and solutions accelerate automation discovery and prioritisation to help our clients transform their operating models.             Our offerings include:


  • Digital workers that identify and categorise different sources of information, then select the exact next steps required to continue the workflow, such as escalations to a customer service or sales team
  • Digital workers that scan and extract the information within documents, such as an invoice or order form, and store that data in a suitable format like a spreadsheet or IT application
  • Digital workers that enter and copy data into various IT applications to complete a process, such as on-boarding an employee to the HR and Payroll systems but more efficiently and 24/7 if desired
  • Digital workers that churn through large sets of data to uncover anomalies and provide insights that could easily be missed, such as analysing invoices and comparing payment history to detect then flag any suspicious anomalies

Where do I start

Automation Discovery Kit : A tool that allows an organisation to quickly identify and prioritise key automation opportunities, that take into consideration key drivers, including data volumes, complexity, workflows and integrations

3-P Automation Framework: We partner with our clients to analyse their automated business processes to ensure they are preventive, proactive and predictive in order to unlock maximum business value.

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