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Reena is an action oriented leader with a strong track record of performance within complex global organisations. Commercially minded, innovative and highly successful in establishing global and cross functional partnerships to deliver exceptional value and drive commercial outcomes. Her passion is developing an agile finance function to drive commercial excellence and deliver value through key insights, analytics and stakeholder management.

Reena have a passion for learning and thrive on challenges. Successful overseas secondments, large scale transition projects and self-funded Global Executive MBA with Monash Business School are the strategic investments she have made towards her professional growth.

She is also passionate about diversity and inclusion particularly helping migrants develop the skills and confidence to establish foothold or achieve desired growth. Of equal importance is education of girls in under privileged countries. Hobbies are travel and books.

Reena was Chief Financial Officer at Cann Group, and Finance Leader, APAC at Honeywell. Reena Dahiya joined Leidos in 2020.

Reena Dahiya is currently Vice President, Finance at Leidos Australia.

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