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Michael Hiller leads the Queensland practice of KPMG. He is also the Deputy Chairman of the National Board of KPMG and is the Markets leader for the national Management Consulting practice.  
Michael is both a Chartered Accountant and a registered psychologist. He spent the early years of his career working in external audit across the financial services, energy & natural resources and the industrial markets industries.  
Upon completing his psychology qualifications he joined the Management Consulting Division within KPMG and has been practicing as an organisational psychologist in the People & Change team.
In this role Michael has consulted to organisations to improve their performance by focusing on their people, strategy, technology, and corporate structures.
Prior to taking on the leadership of the Queensland Practice of KPMG Michael led the national Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare team within KPMG for 7 years. He has consulted extensively across all levels of Government, in particular the Queensland Government. Michael was also a founding member of the Global Government Steering Group within KPMG.

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