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Mark is the President and CEO of VetPartners, the largest and leading consolidator and operator of high-quality Veterinary medicine hospitals across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore with over 270 locations. Our vision is to build world class Veterinary communities that deliver leading animal health care. What unites us is our why: For the love of animals, and the people who care for them.

As an experienced leader of large consumer businesses spanning both healthcare service delivery and retail, Mark is energised by the art of bringing together strategy, culture, transformation, digital and data into unison, empowering people to deliver excellence and exceeding the expectations of our customer, clients and patients.

Prior to leading VetPartners was the Managing Director of Bupa Dental, Bupa Optical and Payless Shoes. Prior to this Mark worked across a number of leadership, transformation and business improvement roles across Woolworths Group, SAS the data analytics and technology leader and OPSM.

We are advisors and strategists that are focussed on people, and their ongoing development and growth. We are all about building trust and focussing on long term success. We work with you, we embed our people with yours and share our skills every step of the way.
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