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Claire rogers

Leading for Transformation
Join Claire as she takes you through her advice and experiences addressing poverty and driving global change as the former CEO for World Vision
Lesson 1

Are you Ready for Transformation?

Welcome to Claire Roger’s Masterclass! Explore Claire’s ideas about what it means to lead and make an impact. Unpack lessons learned and wisdom she’s acquired along the way. Learn the skills of transformation, progress, and making an impact.
Lesson 2

Transformation Starts From Within

Claire’s time in leadership positions has taught her the impact an authentic leader can have on their team. Without a guiding force and genuine engagement, transformational progress and improvement are just impossible. How can you start making a difference?
Lesson 3

Starts From your Heart

Having a clear ‘why’ will propel your transformational efforts in unmatched ways. Claire advocates for the importance of clarity on concepts like belief, purpose, and your ‘why’. Plus, what makes honesty and genuine connection your most indispensable attributes.
Lesson 4

Continuing your Growth as a Leader

Being a leader doesn’t mean providing all the answers. But it does require you to grow. What are some integral factors that have the most positive impact on your growth? And what are the benefits of escaping the trappings of ego, bringing in more curiosity and honest questioning?
Lesson 5

How to Hit the Accelerator on Transformation!

Claire shares the tenets of growth, and how to nurture progress in yourself and your team. You’ll also learn the difference between power versus force, coaching and mentoring, and the benefits of reverse mentorship. Plus, valuable resources and recommendations from Claire.
Lesson 6

Dealing with Challenges and Adversity

As a leader, you will regularly experience challenges and adversity. This doesn’t have to be viewed as a problem, but rather a way to build and strengthen character. Claire takes us through how we can reframe adversity to find the benefits, and the crucible of true leadership.
Lesson 7

Fostering Resilience from the Top Down

Every leader needs practical tips for building resilience. This is a central element of leadership, and it can also make a profound difference to your mental and physical health. Learn about the value of social support, taking downtime, revisiting convictions and so much more.
Lesson 8

Coming to the End of an Era

Most leaders face crises, particularly in times of transition and transformation. Having faced her share of challenging events, particularly when leaving World Vision, Claire shares what helped her recuperate, recover and reflect. How we respond to these moments defines our work, impact, and legacy, so take note!
Lesson 9

Practical Steps for Cultural Transformations

Claire breaks down cultural transformation and shares practical steps for clear and consistent messaging. She also highlights the relationship between listening and trust, and why putting in hard work early creates a stronger foundation to build on.
Lesson 10

Scaling Your Leadership

Leaders need to continue to make their own progress as the company evolves. Claire shares the best ways to scale your leadership during transformations, which include creating a sense of ownership and responsibility, and allowing space for self-reflection.
Lesson 11

Transforming Your Organisation

You can’t implement transformation without a strategy. Claire shares her main principles for successful strategies, and why collecting input from a team improves the quality of work. Plus, different ways you can experiment during this process!
Lesson 12

A Leader's Duty of Inspiring Social Change

Social change occurs inside the workplace first, then outside. Claire experienced this first-hand during her tenure at World Vision, and took several essential lessons from it. She also learned the importance of incorporating strong ideals to make the most impact, and how to harness the power of younger generations.
Lesson 13

Completing your Transformation

As a leader, you have the capacity for immense, profound change. Concepts like these will support you by enhancing your leadership skills, driving internal and external evolutions, and providing the map to guide you through any transformation.
13 lessons
1 hour 24 minutes
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