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Legacy, Leadership and Life Lessons

In this episode, we dive deep with Andrew Demetriou, discussing his leadership style, the importance of alignment in decision-making, and the challenges and rewards of managing diverse stakeholder groups. From rapid-fire questions that give a glimpse into his personal preferences to profound insights on team dynamics, governance, and crisis management, Andrew shares his journey and […]

Why Business Strategy Should Start with the End Customer

In this episode of Mentor List Podcast, Joe Sofra dives deep into the philosophy of customer-centricity and its role in modern businesses. As the leader of ANC, a last-mile delivery company, Joe emphasises the importance of understanding the end consumer's needs and working backward to meet those needs. He touches upon the dynamics between clients […]

Beyond Networking

In this engaging episode, we sit down with Jo Mikleus, a seasoned professional with a rich history in relationship management. Jo shares her insights on the art of building and maintaining relationships, both in a professional and personal context. Jo emphasises the importance of understanding customer needs and injecting innovation (and AI) as key inputs […]

Transcending Through Transformation

In this episode, Adam Bennett, a seasoned expert in transformation and change management, discusses the complexities of leading change in organizations and personal lives. Adam shares his insights on why transformation is so hard, the resistance of the status quo, and the role of personalities in shaping change. He also talks about historical lessons from […]

Leveraging Organisation Design

In this episode, Jamie Pride, a renowned expert in the field of organisational design, discusses the future of AI and its potential impacts on various industries. Jamie shares his insights on how AI is not just a productivity improvement tool but also a driver for innovation and democratisation of expertise. He also talks about the […]

Scaling with Quality, a Journey from Podcast to Business

This week's episode with hosts Alex and Dave dives into the legacy of Mentor List and the accompanying challenges and strategies of scaling a business without compromising quality whilst maintaining a work-life balance. Watch Listen

Creating a Culture of Excellence

This episode brings the breadth of knowledge from the renowned former F1 engineer turned pastry connoisseur, Kate Reid - Lune Managing Director. The conversation unpicks what it takes to create a thriving culture and discusses what has enabled Kate to hold a high level of consumer desire for her famous pastries. Join your co-hosts; David […]

Navigating the Future of Work

We have the distinct honour of hosting Martin Bean, Former Vice Chancellor, RMIT. Today, Martin will be delving into his predictions of the future of the modern workplace and what that means for organisations to ensure they're pivoting with the changing landscapes. Watch Listen

Master the Mindset of Winners

We have the distinct honour of hosting Mike Smith, the illustrious former CEO of ANZ Banking Group and the esteemed Group Chair of Mentor List. Today, Mike will be unveiling the secrets behind the winner's mindset and imparting invaluable insights on how to harness and unlock this potent mental fortitude. Watch Listen

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