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Melissa Lewis - Executive Presence Mentor

November 13, 2019
Melissa Lewis
Melissa Lewis
Executive Presence Mentor
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Melissa Lewis is the secret sauce behind credible female business women.
Her fascination began as a little girl when she spent many hours in her grandfather’s couture boutique watching him style high-end clientele. She saw the emergence of confident women glowing from the inside out.
An entrepreneur in retail, commercial property and the corporate world, Melissa, aged just 18, worked full time while studying at night (BA Business - Property, RMIT) 22 years later she mentors driven talented women, working in male- dominated environments, commercialise their talents for greater impact and career advancement. It’s about bridging the gap between what they know and what they’re known for.

How? Melissa unleashes potential; unlocking executive presence, professional branding, voice and unique image.

Our research shows success is not solely based on our IQ or EQ, it also resides in our PQ ®, our Presence Quotient ®. Melissa’s proprietary tool identifies and quantifies the Principles of Presence®, enabling her to support talented women elevate executive presence through a systematic, ‘inside-out’ approach.

In addition to styling and coaching expertise, Melissa is certified in the Bates ExPI™(Executive Presence Index), the only research-based tool that measure executive presence.

-Professional image and brand development;
- One-on -one coaching for high impact;
- Evidence-based leadership diagnostic tools;
- Support from burnout to break through!

Recent leaders she has worked with: Coles, Amazon, Uber, KPMG, Bendigo Bank, Telstra, CBUS, Lander & Rogers, NAB and more.

Melissa is also a wife, mother of two, and (for-over 25 years) a passionate half marathon runner.

"You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression"
~ Oscar Wilde and to Will Rogers
  • Melissa Lewis
  • Melissa Lewis
  • Melissa Lewis

Show Notes

My Story

People don’t remember what you said, they remember how you made them feel.

Melissa Lewis is an executive presence mentor – assisting smart, talented women to elevate their presence from the inside out. She helps women make key decisions and meet pivotal challenges, whether it be negotiating pay, communicating their employability value and optimising their personal brand.

She talks about the ability to influence others, both in terms of the look we have and the impressions we leave.

Advice To Self and Others

We’ve heard more than enough about the role and importance that IQ and EQ play in our lives. Now it’s time to talk about PQ.

Our PQ has been dubbed by Melissa as our Presence Quotient, encompassing three key principles: commercial demeanour, professional brand and executive style.

Tune in to hear her unpack each of the elements and define what they mean to us and how to best take advantage of them. She details that although presence is a largely intangible force, there are certain levers and methods to add substance and meaning to who we are and the image we protrude.

With presence comes influence.

Successful Habits

Melissa believes in two distinct habits that drive the work she does and how she goes about it.

The first is being physically fit – not only for the benefit to your body but the reflection and inflection it allows for your mind.

The second is taking that foundation of both physical and mental health and ‘walking the talk’. Our image is always open for business, and it is critical to be aware of how that is perceived both personally and professionally.

Inspiration quotes

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” – Oscar Wile and Will Rogers.

People miss out on opportunities to connect, friendships to build and networks to create. Melissa is a big advocate that we’ll miss out on great people if we’re not true to who we are and we’re not expressing that from the outset.

Recommended Reading

All the Leader You Can Be: The Science of Achieving Extraordinary Executive Presence by Suzanne Bates.

For Melissa, it added a layer of validity and depth of understanding in her field. For those who are particularly interested in presence and the mechanics behind it, check out the free quiz on the Ascension Group website: theascensiongroup.com.au/presence-quotient-quiz/

Reaching Out

Melissa would love for anyone interested in her background or what she does to reach out to her via her LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/melissa-lewis-executive-presence-mentor-617b4438/ or the Ascension Group website at theascensiongroup.com.au




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