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Darrell Hardidge - Client Appreciation

October 17, 2018
Darrell Hardidge
Darrell Hardidge
Client Appreciation | Client Experience | Client Strategy | Professional Speaker & Trainer I Best Selling Author
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For over 20 years, Darrell Hardidge has specialised in supporting high-performing businesses with the strategy and implementation of their customer experience and team culture. He has worked with billion-dollar companies down to the privately-owned operations. Darrell has the ability to engage a diverse range of teams, from board level to the front line, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

His team workshops are highly engaging and effective in causing permanent change and improvement. His company has designed the very powerful metric of client appreciation which sets a business beyond the reaches of their competition who mainly measure client satisfaction with flawed and outdated systems. Darrell's profound knowledge of what creates a market-leading service culture has been delivered to thousands of people and has inspired the behavioural change in many winning teams.

A published author, Darrell’s passion for service excellence sets him apart and his experience based upon his own company’s IP enables him to authentically engage and connect with any level of an organisation.

"Different isn’t always better, but better is always different"
~ Darrell Hardidge

Show Notes

My Story

Darrell Hardidge has had familiar experiences and exposure, but with his own unique approach and mindset. He’s spent time running business, consulting on client experience, building customer loyalty and working for brands and businesses on their optimal strategy.

He particularly engaged with the experience of pulling apart and re-shaping businesses to connect with their customers and drive based around a key principle: client appreciation. Taking the concept even further, what client appreciation means when compared to customer satisfaction.

To answer this question and build on this concept he founded Saguity, a consultancy that benchmarks customer experience and loyalty using a robust, scientific approach. They have conducted hundreds of interviews – all done over the phone - to gather relevant and applicable insights on how to build customer appreciation.
By Darrell Hardidge

This data set has allowed Saguity to assist their range of clients to adjust their strategy for client journey mapping and gain clarity and certainty about the cause/effect relations with their customer base. Their work has particular relevance in Australia, a country admittedly not renowned for our levels of customer service and satisfaction. Saguity recognises that their clients often know why they’re working well, but don’t have a similar understanding when they’re not.

Darrell shares his insights on what customer service and satisfaction mean to him, particularly the metrics used to quantify satisfaction and the assumptions surrounding this measurement. He details the methods and mechanisms some of his key clients utilise to build their brand and refine their image within the bounds of client appreciation, and what it has done for them on so many levels.

Darrell also delves into the effect that disruption will have on client appreciation, and how Saguity aims to add value in the human experience elements across all touchpoints in businesses.

Advice To Self and Others

Again drawing on his experience with a diverse set of clients, Darrell feels that the ability for a stakeholder to access management is a key indicator of customer proximity, connectedness and ultimately appreciation.

Successful Habits

Darrell’s experience with a multitude of clients with their unique client appreciation proposition led to find a common thread amongst all of them: clarity of intention was a significant determinant of great results. “You have to be wiling to be willing, even when you’re unwilling.”
By Darrell Hardidge

On top of this, from a client appreciation side, Darrell believes that true loyalty has nothing to do with the price of the offering, but everything to do with the experience.

Inspiration quotes

“Different isn’t always better, but better is always different”— Darrell Hardidge

Recommended Reading

The Client Revolution: Smashing the Loyalty Myth and Having the Edge by Darrell Hardidge

The 10 Commandments of Client Appreciation by Darrell Hardidge

Find them both on Amazon!

Contacting Darrell Hardidge

To learn all about what Saguity can do for client appreciation in your business, as well as their events, workshops and speaking engagements head to saguity.com.




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