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How To Build Scale and Sell a Company
Join Frank Greeff, Founder of Realbase, on an epic entrepreneurial journey, honing your skills in business growth, sales, and personal development.
Lesson 1


Kickoff with Frank for an immersive journey into entrepreneurship, where you'll learn to build, scale, and sell a business, gaining insights into sales, marketing, team dynamics, and nurturing a vibrant company culture. Explore personal growth, high-performance habits, and the growth mindset crucial for business and personal success.
Lesson 2

The Experiences That Shape You

In this module, Frank explores how family upbringing shapes identity and ambition by reflecting on childhood experiences and their impact on character development and life goals. He uncovers the motivations and values that drive success, and the importance of and emotional intelligence.
Lesson 3

Money Love and Purpose

Frank shares about the financial hurdles his family faced in his childhood and why it’s so important to be able to have open conversations around money. Learn the importance of discerning your ‘why’ or ‘purpose’ in both your personal and professional goals.
Lesson 4A

Building a Business

Frank shares his journey from quitting as a chef at 20 to starting a real estate signboard business in Melbourne with his brothers. Discover the importance of bold decisions, relentless focus, overcoming doubts, embracing challenges, discipline, and continuous learning.
Lesson 4B

Solving a Problem

Discover the importance of experimentation, failure, and perseverance in entrepreneurship through Frank's journey. Learn how feedback drives innovation, the importance of velocity, adaptability, and practical strategies for refining business ideas.
Lesson 5

Building Yourself

In this module Frank focuses on how to navigate the fine line between obsession and balance, and master the skill of prioritizing your resources to propel yourself forward. He shares strategies for effectively managing your time and energy to achieve your objectives.
Lesson 6A

Sales: Key Principles

Discover essential sales tools and techniques, business expansion strategies, and customer acquisition tactics in this module. Frank guides you in how to acquire customers, overcome objections, and leverage your unique advantages. Align your team with your vision to foster a culture of innovation and excellence, inspiring collective success.
Lesson 6b

Sales: Using Storytelling

In this dynamic module, master the strategic art of business storytelling. Craft compelling narratives to engage prospects. Discover how to leverage social proof and the rule of reciprocity for word-of-mouth referrals and brand loyalty Uncover the surprise and delight principle for memorable brand experiences and sustained business growth.
Lesson 6c

Sales: Refining Your Pitch

In this module, you'll refine your sales process and enhance your pitch effectiveness. Learn the art of post-interaction reflection to continuously refine your skills and tailor your approach. From asking the right questions to handling objections with finesse, master the strategies to engage prospects effectively and close deals successfully.
Lesson 7

Scaling Your Capacity

This module focuses on scaling your business and personal growth. Learn to identify skill gaps, delegate tasks to free up time for high-value activities, and maintain boundaries between work and personal life. Frank explores strategies for continuous learning to keep pace with business growth.
Lesson 8a

Creating a Culture

In this module you’ll gain insights into hiring the right team members by asking insightful questions to understand their motivations and values. Frank shares about the importance of fostering a positive work culture, celebrating achievements, promoting ongoing learning, and providing a supportive environment for your team to thrive and excel. 
Lesson 8b

Coaching Your Team

Frank reveals how to unlock the power of high-performance coaching in leadership. Learn how to guide your team toward self-discovery through strategic questioning, fostering autonomy and innovation and how to connect with authenticity to build trust and inspire collaboration.
Lesson 8c

Partners, Investors and Investment

Frank discusses key factors in selecting co-founders, urging reflection on whether their skills complement yours and are aligned in values. He explores the different funding options, from personal investments to attracting investors, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right partners who bring more than just financial backing to the table.
Lesson 9

Your Personal Culture

This module reveals into the vital importance of nurturing your own culture alongside that of your business. Learn how your inner circle and media intake significantly influence your mindset and productivity. Uncover strategies to identify energy sources and establish daily rituals to manage stress effectively, empowering you to thrive.
Lesson 10

Filling your Team’s Bucket

Discover the essence of nurturing a thriving team and fostering an empathy-driven culture. Frank shares his methods for recognizing individual passions and 'filling the bucket' of team members. Gain insights in the value of energizing others and creating fulfilling work environments for enhanced performance and workplace culture.
Lesson 11

Mergers and Acquisitions

Learn key information about negotiation strategies, due diligence, and cultural alignment. Gain insights into preparation, advisor selection, and company culture preservation that Frank learned in his journey to a successful $180 million acquisition.
Lesson 12

Purpose Realignment

Frank shares profound insights into post-business life, aiming to raise a million dollars for charity through initiatives like writing a cookbook and starting a podcast. His journey imparts lessons on purpose, action, and the transformative power of surrounding oneself with inspiring individuals and content.
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