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The Leadership Star
Join Brian Hartzer to learn the five C’s of leadership to engage your teams
Lesson 1


Based on his journey from New York to Australia, Brian shares the Leadership Star, encompassing the five C’s: Care, Context, Clarity, Clear the Way, and Celebrate as a structure to engage your teams and develop yourself as a leader.
Lesson 2


Bring care to life by acknowledging individuals, nurturing their growth, and caring about achieving results, Brian also emphasizes the importance of genuine human connection.
Lesson 3


Use the power of storytelling coupled with images to create an exciting context that will inspire team members to align their goals with the vision and purpose of the organisation.
Lesson 4


Elevate your team’s performance by emphasizing three crucial aspects role clarity, goal clarity, and behavior clarity. Through effective communication and aligning values with actions, you can empower your team for success.
Lesson 5

Clear The Way

To generate momentum, leaders must address barriers hindering their team’s success. Brian focuses on both physical and invisible obstacles, and how servant leadership can enhance engagement and performance.
Lesson 6


Brian shares how to build emotional connections between achievements and purpose to cultivate a positive cycle of engagement. Encourage gratitude to maintain a positive foundation for sustained engagement.
Lesson 7


Effective leadership involves self-awareness, trust-building through vulnerability, understanding others’ fears, transparency, and managing your energy. Prioritize personal growth to sustain your success as a leader.
Lesson 8

Courage & Control

Achieving leadership excellence demands courageous choices and resilience. Brian focuses on how to embrace change, acknowledge fears, and prioritize your principles. Embrace chaos, adapt to curveballs, and find balance in both success and adversity.
Lesson 9


Brian’s journey through personal and professional hardships highlights the importance of resilience and self-reflection. Overcoming fears, embracing change, and seeking diverse mentors all contribute to leadership development.
Lesson 10


Leadership communication, rooted in Aristotle’s principles of logic, character, and emotion, requires compelling storytelling, and attentive listening. During a crisis, honesty, empathy, and empowering individuals through communication are paramount.
Lesson 11

Becoming a CEO

Becoming a CEO requires curiosity, a focus on character, and a clear vision for the organization. Assembling a cohesive leadership team, assessing team members’ suitability for the future, and developing a 90-day plan all play an important role.
Lesson 12

Successful Change Programs

To lead a large organization, effective change management is essential. Brian’s key insights: appoint dedicated, skilled leaders; prioritize transparent communication; align objectives; ensure meaningful oversight; and address institutional blockages.
Lesson 13

Life as Chapters

Brian shares on how we can embrace career transitions, viewing them as fresh life chapters. Consider how to prioritize creativity, draw wisdom from both corporate and startup experiences, and savor life’s unexpected turns for personal growth.
Lesson 14


Brian concludes with a short overview of the leadership star framework to enhance your personal leadership growth. It’s time to apply these insights, become a catalyst for positive change, and shape a brighter future through your leadership.
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1 hour 51 minutes
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