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I am committed to social justice and achieving equity and greater participation in our community for people who experience disadvantage. I am CEO of Neami National, one of Australia's largest community based mental health providers, which has over 1100 staff and a current annual revenue of a bit over $120m. I have worked in mental health for almost 28 years, in government, health services and now a NGO. 

Prior to working at Neami I worked for 20 years at Forensicare, which provides mental health services to people involved in the Victorian criminal justice system. For 10 of these years I was CEO, but originally was the General Counsel. Once upon a time I trained as a lawyer and I have worked in private practice, Community Legal Centres and for government.

I am a parent of four adult children, I like coffee and red wine too much, staying at my holiday place at Sandy Point and grumbling about the lockdown dog which came into my family last year after 12 months of being dog free.

We are advisors and strategists that are focussed on people, and their ongoing development and growth. We are all about building trust and focussing on long term success. We work with you, we embed our people with yours and share our skills every step of the way.
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