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Tanya Watt is Chief Marketing Officer at Hive + Wellness (formerly Capilano Honey Ltd), the largest honey packing company in Australia and the biggest supporter of Australia’s beekeepers. With industry experience predominantly across FMCG, Health (Sanofi) and Luxury Beauty (Chanel and Estee Lauder), Tanya is a Senior Executive leader who has held roles across marketing, innovation, business strategy, and sales across her career.
Tanya is passionate about developing and empowering others and is a caring and authentic leader. Along with leading projects that drive positive organisational change, Tanya has a particular interest on improving sustainability across her Company’s business practices and industry.
Married to Dave for 15 years, they have two active tween-aged boys, meaning a good deal of Tanya’s spare time outside of work is happily spent watching her children play sport.

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