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Global industry is under its most significant change in history with the advent of the digital age – Fintech and startup disruption, Sweeping regulatory change, changing consumer demands and significant advances in technology are all combining to change traditional industry as we know it. Michael spent his career leveraging technology for strategic advantage for complex organisations. From enhanced customer experience, to increased employee productivity to building new capabilities and services for the digital economy, he had the privilege to architect and implement the digital change agenda successfully in multiple contexts.

Leading, developing and inspiring large diverse teams to embrace new opportunities and working with management boards and government to build the case for digital change - Michael shaped his executive skills around the digital paradigm.

In his personal time he like to spend time with his family and friends, as well as read and travel extensively. His most complex leadership role is being a father, a role that continues to challenge and inspire him to be better on a daily basis - and one that reminds him every day how integrated technology is to the next generation's lives.

Specialties: Digital, Strategy, Transformation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Operational Excellence, Enterprise Architecture, Team Building, Leadership

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