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Extensive leadership experience in challenging environments and in generating successful outcomes for both individuals and organisations. Strong understanding of complex, high-value infrastructure projects, with a focus on enhancing the internal and external relationships required to achieve project objectives.

Throughout his career Glenn has developed a keen appreciation for the connection between design, performance, and maintenance to ensure the delivered asset meets design life performance, operational cost parameters and provides the requisite returns to clients, customers and shareholders.

Glenn is a strong advocate of safety, governance and accountability, and customer-focused outcomes. He takes an active role in developing the resilience of the business and the capacity of its leaders to respond effectively to the challenge of their dynamic environment.

Glenn is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Sunwater Limited and his previous roles include General Manager Operations at Pacific Partnerships, Director and Board Chairman of the Pulse Partnerships Consortium delivering the Cross River Rail, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the ACT Light Rail project and he has served as a Colonel in the Royal Australian Engineers.

He is a Member of the Order of Australia, a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has a Masters in Business Administration and Management from the Universities of Southern Queensland and Canberra.

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