Claire Rogers - Return to Work Mums - A Fresh Perspective

April 27, 2021
Claire Rogers
Claire Rogers
CEO World Vision
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Chief Executive Officer of World Vision Australia, Head of Digital Banking, Strategy and Innovation at ANZ and Director of Melbourne Business School are just some of the many impressive titles that you can see on Claire Rogers’ resume. On top of that, Claire is also a mother of two.

In line with Mentor List Talent’s diverse initiatives to support women in leadership, women in technology and return-to-work mums, Sharon Daly, our own Managing Director, chatted to Claire about her experience as a mum returning to work. We talk about how societal challenges, discrimination, and even our own mindsets can become obstacles to a woman’s desire to return to work after having a child.

Claire shares valuable advice from her own experiences on how to overcome ‘mummy guilt’, manage your expectations for yourself, and establish boundaries with your employer. She also discusses how to maintain balance in your life and how to ask for what you need.

Finally, we talk about some of the ways Mentor List Talent can support you if you are a return-to-work mum, and some of the exclusive key offerings and opportunities we offer. Be sure to tune in!

"If you give mums the flexibility to manage home and work, they’ll deliver in spades for work."
~ Claire rogers

Show Notes

Key points from this episode

  • A brief history and background into Mentor List.
  • An introduction to Claire Rogers as a mum of two and successful career woman.
  • An introduction to Sharon Daly.
  • What led Sharon to pursue a career in recruitment that aims to support female professionals.
  • The first obstacle Claire faced as a return-to-work mum: Her own mindset.
  • How to overcome ‘mummy guilt’.
  • “Are my kids flourishing?” - An important measure to see if you are succeeding as a mum.
  • How to manage your expectations for yourself.
  • Overcoming self-doubt when you have been out of the workplace.
  • How to maintain balance.
  • The importance of boundaries and being intentional, both at work and at home.
  • How to get the right support so you can be fully present.
  • Thoughts on finding a workplace that genuinely supports you.
  • Getting the right help and getting over the shame of getting a house keeper.
  • How organisations can better support return-to-work mums.
  • How building work relationships is key to getting the support that you need - more so than policy.
  • Making sure that your employer understands both your needs and your employment goals.
  • Listener question: How to prepare your kids for mum going back to work.
  • Ongoing issues and pain points as experienced by listeners.
  • How Mentor List Talent can support return-to-work mums.


"If my kids are flourishing even though I am at work, then we’re doing okay, because when I'm at work I flourish as well.'
- @ClaireSRogers [0:13:28]

"If you give mums the flexibility to manage home and work, they’ll deliver in spades for work." 
- @ClaireSRogers [0:14:50]

"Tell people what you want to do from a career point-of-view and don't assume that because you're juggling family and home that they will discount you. Organisations need to know what you want to do, otherwise they'll assume you’re happy in the job that you're in."
- @ClaireSRogers [0:35:36]

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