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Cloud Transformation

Have you cost optimized your Cloud Transformation journey?

A key differentiator of Cloud is the ability to consume services on a pay per use basis. This paradigm shift enables organisations to change the way they procure, consume and think about designing their services, to continue to reduce their cost to serve the needs of their customers, internal and external to their organisation. In addition, the frequent release of cloud services and cost reductions requires a different behavior to solution design, focusing on driving continuous service review and improvement activities to keep pace over the classic project driven approach.

In conjunction with our Technology Partners, we will undertake a Cost Optimisation Review. This is designed to analyse your environments and provide prescriptive cost optimisation recommendations.

Leveraging the cost optimisation review

Our Technology Cloud Consultant will work closely with your Platform and Application teams to deliver actionable cost optimisation recommendations our recommended four areas of focus:


Relates to the use of appropriate services, resources and configurations for your workload to drive cost savings


The closer your supply curve matches the demand for your services, the less over provisioning occurs resulting in optimised costs


Understanding of business cost drivers to manage business costs effectively and identify cost optimisation opportunities. Focuses on the importance of cost visibility. If you can’t see where you incur your costs, you can’t save costs


Focus on the importance of continuous evaluation of new services and features against your service requirements to continue to identify cost optimisation opportunities

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