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The Mentor List leads Australia’s leading CEO Mastermind groups, designed to give members the answers to create the biggest impact for themselves, and their organisation, during their time as CEO. This unique position provides insight into the life of a CEO. 

We know like you, that a CEO job is a challenge and requires discernment to choose the right advisors. Our team is experienced in running organisations and has access to deep lived experience in choosing the future of organisations. In addition to the core team’s contribution, we can and will draw on our broad and qualified panel to bring to bear on your business challenges.

CEO Advisory Team

Claire Rogers
Managing Partner
Jack Karikas
MD Business Services
David Lewis
MD Individual Services
Peter Jackowski

Our Approach

Our CEO Strategic Advisory works with you to redefine what’s possible and give shape to the future.

We lead a problem solving methodology in partnership with you that is based on a project management process with clear delivered artefacts at each stage gate and decision points on moving to the next:


What is the core issue that is holding execution back? What is the core market problem that an organisation needs to solve? What shifts have happened in the customers mind that have changed the context for the organisation? Is it the right time for this change, is the culture and environment receptive? Are we the natural leaders of this opportunity?


What is the appropriate response to the core issue? Is it initiating, a strategic partnership or letting it pass? How might we align the organisation around responding to the diagnosis and moving to action? What are the fastest ways to achieve scale? What needs to be true for execution to be successful? Leveraging our CEO Advisory panel (see below) to guide a response supported by proven experience.


What actions will deliver the preferred response? What are the ‘big rock’ priorities to address the diagnosis? What can we let go of or cease that is not solving the diagnosis? What sequence should we execute in? What culture markers should we pursue? Who are the early adopters of the change?

CEO Strategic Advisory Panel

As part of the Strategy formulation step the Mentor List has access to our CEO advisory panel. Our distinguished Panel Includes:

Mike Smith - Chairman


Michael Smith was the CEO of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. (ANZ) from 2007 to 2015 and following his retirement he remained an Adviser to the Board until July 2017.

Prior to this Michael held several other high-ranking business positions. He was President and Chief Executive Officer of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Chairman of Hang Seng Bank Limited, Global Head of Commercial Banking for the HSBC Group, and Chairman of HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad.

James Fazzino - Strategic Advisory Panel Member


James Fazzino is a strategic leader with an impressive track record taking local Australian business through significant growth & expansion into international markets. He was the Managing Director and CEO of Incitec Pivot (IPL). Over his 14 year tenure, first as CFO and then as CEO, the company increased in size 6-fold to an enterprise value of $8bn.

James is currently the Chairman of Manufacturing Australia, Chairman of Osteon Medical, a leading digital health business, Non-Executive Director of Australian Pipeline Limited, Non-Executive Director of Rabobank Australia Limited & Non-Executive Director of Tassal Group Limited, Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow & Adjunct Professor at La Trobe University. 

Mike Foster


Mike Foster was previously the CEO and Executive Director of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand (FANZ). In line with restructuring of Fujitsu’s global organization he was appointed as Head of the Oceania Region in April 2014 reporting directly to the Global President.

He had been instrumental in driving the company’s business strategy at the enterprise level and to develop Fujitsu’s presence as a Tier 1 Technology Services Integrator with over 5,000 people in Australia and New Zealand.

Malcolm Jackman


Malcolm is the Chief Executive of the SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission and Chair of the SAFECOM Board, to which the State Emergency Service, Metropolitan Fire Service and Country Fire Service report.

He is tasked with providing strategic leadership and direction to the South Australian emergency services sector and has direct responsibility and accountability for championing and leading sector modernisation and the change management processes.

Claire Rogers


Claire Rogers is chief executive of World Vision Australia, the country’s largest not-for-profit organisation, working in partnership across 90 countries to provide short and long term assistance to 100 million people.

Claire, a social innovator, has a proven track record of strategising and delivering major change initiatives, helping organisations adapt to the tech-disrupted economy, aligning physical and digital execution to maximise opportunities.

Strategic Action - Service Offering

As the COVID impacted economy opens, conditions will continue to rapidly change and evolve,  and your organisation’s strategy must be agile, actionable and focussed on shorter time horizons.

The Mentor List Strategic Action service offering supports the assessment of your organisation’s current business initiatives, strategic programs & projects and potential new initiatives, in the context of the current economic uncertainty, in order to continue to generate sustainable value.

Mentor List uses a Strategic Decision-Making framework to review your current business initiatives, strategic programs & projects and potential new initiatives. This approach allows you to map your organisational priorities and course of action.

The four categories are defined as: Pursue Aggressively, Scale Down, Pursue Cautiously, and Terminate Immediately. We work with you to complete a prioritisation process to provide direction in the context of the COVID uncertainty.

We work with you to execute and deliver strategy

Bringing strategy to life, leveraging our partnership panel and proven capability in delivering change and transformation. Business moves fast, and we specialise in working through change with you. We deliver with you, be it New Technologies or Industry Disruption from the perspective of lived experience.

We know what it takes to get change to deliver - we know the roadblocks, the cultural inhibitors and the execution traps that get in the way from our collective experience of delivery.  You can call on us to assist with areas such as:

Business Operating Model Changes

We use a structured approach to transform the very essence of your organisation. We work across your organisation to both integrate and transform enterprises, business units and operating models.

Systems Change Delivery

We will partner with you to help your organisation realise enhanced technology asset ROI through a mix of delivery speed, flexibility and productivity.

Expenditure Reduction

The Mentor List has proudly partnered with a leading network of cost reduction consultants, offering strategic advice and practical methods which optimise costs, improve supplier relationships and deliver Value Through Insight to your organisation.

By partnering, we bring to you the leading specialists for cost management, offering to optimise your supply chain and processes, finding innovative suppliers and providers to meet your organisation’s needs best.

We are advisors and strategists that are focussed on people, and their ongoing development and growth. We are all about building trust and focussing on long term success. We work with you, we embed our people with yours and share our skills every step of the way.
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