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Webinar Replay - How to unlock the full potential of your worforce

December 16, 2020

Webinar now ready to watch on-demand.

A key takeaway from the discussion is what is the identified problem and what is the unique solution.

The Problem

  • 2M Australians are diagnosed with diabetes, 0.5M don’t know it.

  • 50 Australians per day die from Heart Disease.

  • 8-year reduction in life expectancy for those with obesity.

  • 66% loss in productivity for employees with unhealthy diets

  • 50% loss in productivity for employees who only exercised occasionally2Identify core competencies and capabilities needed and how these could be scaled.

The Solution

  • Fit2Lead uses evidence-based, practical and embedded actions focusing on Psychological Wellbeing, Exercise and Nutrition to improve engagement and workforce productivity.

  • Fit2Lead’s one-to-one coaching and mentoring aims to boost individual leadership fitness and overall productivity, through targeting improvements to one’s fitness, nutrition and psychological wellbeing.

  • Fit2Lead tailor programs to best fit with existing operating rhythms to ensure organisations are optimally supporting healthy behaviours and mindsets, on-site and in remote working environments.

Fit2Lead understand the requirements to be dynamic and adaptive. We work with organisations throughout the process to ensure optimal employee engagement, leadership development and cultural shifts, adapting content and delivery modes as required to deliver effective results.

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Featured Speakers

Catherine Itsiopolous

Nutrition and dietetics specialist, Fit2Lead

Jackie Taylor

Health and fitness specialist, Fit2Lead

Vicky Vass

Psychological wellbeing specialist, Fit2Lead

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