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Rob Sinclair is the joint Managing Director of e&s, the family-owned business started by his father Bob Sinclair and his two brothers in 1962.

From a small discount store in Ashburton that sold everything from travel goods to furniture and even guns, e&s has grown and transformed, eventually becoming what it is today – a name synonymous with selling kitchen, bathroom, and laundry appliances in our nine Melbourne metropolitan stores.

Having grown up around the business, Rob’s experience with suppliers, brands and products have made him an expert in the field of kitchen, bathroom, and laundry appliances.

While still at school I worked on weekends and during school holidays in the e&s warehouse and as I got older, I worked in the Ashburton store meeting and helping customers with their purchases.

I always had a passion to work with my father and to build up the e&s business, so 30 years ago I joined e&s full time with a staff of 12. Over the years many things have changed, and we have grown to be nine stores including our newest store at Preston with over 300 people across the company. The plan is to continue to grow the e&s brand and to continue to partner with our wonderful suppliers to offer the finest products for your kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

We are advisors and strategists that are focussed on people, and their ongoing development and growth. We are all about building trust and focussing on long term success. We work with you, we embed our people with yours and share our skills every step of the way.
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