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Kate has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare information sector. Prior to becoming a Director and CEO of Alcidion Group she was one of five working Directors for MKM Health, based in Victoria. She has been involved in large systems procurements and implementations across Australia and Asia Pacific.

Kate’s background involves holding leading management roles at some of the largest healthcare software firms. She was a member of the Management buyout team that created iSOFT Asia Pacific through a merger with iSOFT plc in the UK in 1999, from the healthcare product business at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Prior to that, she held senior account roles in CSC (now DXC), managing large outsourcing customers and the NSW Healthcare Business unit.

Kate initially commenced work in the private sector at McDonnell Douglas Information Systems managing the HOMER product portfolio, after working with the Alfred Group of Hospitals in a Health Information Management role. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Information Management.

As Managing Director and Board Member of Alcidion, Kate leads the various elements of the business with a particular focus on sales and marketing and developing business relationships with customers and partners across the world.

Kate has developed a number of business partnerships with leading software vendors such as NextGate Solutions and Better by Marand. She has a strong track record in business development in healthcare IT across Asia Pacific and has been involved in selling statewide contracts for IT systems to all Australian states and territories.

Kate has a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc) degree in Health Information Management.

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