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Focused on creating value, by providing experiences that leave customers, the company and the community better off. Benjamin Zeccola is the CEO for Palace Cinemas. An entrepreneurial problem solver who delights in promoting the talent of the people around him, further enabling them to make their unique contribution. Quick to smile with a real love of learning, a (not always fluent) speaker of 4 languages, a movie fan and an avid reader with over 27 years experience demonstrating innovation and achievement, with a wide range of skills acquired in roles in Exhibition (Retail) and Distribution and skilled in Leadership, General Management, Business Development, Marketing, Sponsorship, Acquisitions, Production and Sales. Also sits on various boards and was Winner of the 2017 CEO AWARD from the Independent Cinemas Association of Australia.

We are advisors and strategists that are focussed on people, and their ongoing development and growth. We are all about building trust and focussing on long term success. We work with you, we embed our people with yours and share our skills every step of the way.
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