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Adrian Leach is the CEO for World Travel Protection.

“Prepare, plan and enjoy” is Adrian Leach’s advice for a successful travel experience. 

Joining World Travel Protection (WTP) in early 2019 as CEO, Adrian oversees a team of medical, security and logistics professionals who prepare and assist both people and organisations movements across the globe. 

With a background in operations and senior management roles, Adrian previously worked with International SOS and Linfox Australia.  

His well-rounded education in both Australia and the U.S. included economics, management development and science. 

At WTP, Adrian leads teams in Brisbane (Aust), Toronto (Canada), London (UK) and across the U.S. WTP services both the corporate and leisure markets globally and provides valuable travel risk management services for organisations.  

In Australia, Adrian works from WTP’s Sydney office.  

He’s passionate about providing a safer experience for business travellers, with WTP also offering specialised training for clients’ employees specific to their needs and destinations, such as ‘Female Traveller Safety Training’. “Being able to help people in need has always been an aspiration of mine,” Adrian says.  

His favourite travel experience to date has been visiting Mongolia and staying in a yurt.

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